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  • 1、For first visitors, apply for an Outpatient Medical Record with personal ID card, and register for consultation according to the condition. For the elderly, the disabled, soldiers and other personnel who enjoy preferential treatment, please show related documents at the registration desk.
  • 2、For returning visitors, register directly with your Outpatient Medical Record; for those who do not bring or lose Outpatient Medical Record, reapply for it with ID card.
  • 3、 Our hospital uses computer system for service provision; for diagnosis, treatment, outpatient prescription pricing and charge, and dispensing, apply with registration slip and Outpatient Medical Record; please keep the registration slip and Outpatient Medical Record properly.
  • 4、The registration slip is valid on the specified day only. Please wait in order on time.
  • 5、The Outpatient Medical Record should be kept by the patient himself/herself and should be brought on each visit. For patients with tumors, please cooperate with your outpatient doctor to record patient information and history so as to establish complete outpatient medical records.
  • 6、If your doctor prescribes related checkup documents for you as needed, please pay the bill and receive examinations as required. If some examinations have special requirements, please consult your health care provider in advance, and get your report(s) at a recommended site and time so as to hand it to your doctor timely. After consultation, please pay the bill and take your medicine on the first floor with your Outpatient Medical Record and prescription.
  • 7、Inpatient Department is located on the third, fourth, fifth, seventh and eighth floors. For those who need to be hospitalized, please check in at the cashier on the first floor with the admission notice your doctor prescribes on that day, and you will be arranged into the corresponding ward by the Nursing Department.

Register patient name, ID card number, telephone number, age, and disease(s)

The patient, along with the ID card and the disease information, gets a registration access number at the reception desk on the first floor on the day of consultation

The patient, along with the registration slip and the ID card, registers at the registration office

The patient consults in order

Dear patients and your relatives:
Thank you for your choice of Beijing Yao Medicine Hospital! Our health care providers will serve you sincerely!
Our consulting hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 17:30 p.m.
If you attend to our hospital for the first time, you should first consult the reception desk on the first floor, where our guide nurse(s) will provide you with a full consultation service and direct you to fill in the chart and answer questions about related services, including registration and awaiting diagnosis.
When you are waiting, please take care of your valuable articles to prevent from being lost. Also, be on the alert; do not readily believe what “hospital scalpers” and stranger say, so as not to be cheated and delay the condition.
During your consultation, please actively cooperate with your doctor and health care providers for related examinations, diagnosis and treatment, so as to make the etiology clear early. If you need to be hospitalized for diagnosis and treatment, please check in at the cashier and pay a deposit according to your personal condition.
When you close accounts, we will provide you with a complete bill of charges for medicine, diagnosis and treatment.
After you are discharged from our hospital, please read your discharge summary carefully, and take medicine and make a return visit on schedule as ordered.
In case of abnormal conditions, please contact your doctor timely.
Your criticisms and suggestions will make us do better! Welcome you to give a valuable advice.

In order to effectively solve the difficulty of getting medical service, our hospital opens services for online consultation, appointment and registration. We offer a number of VIP outpatient service accession numbers. Patients and your relatives make reservations in advance and attend the clinic on time after your successful appointment!