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With the outbreak of epidemic, Yao medicine in Beijing are in action

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was outbreak in Wuhan at the turn of the year. At the beginning of the epidemic in Wuhan, Professor Qin Xunyun began to look up the medical history of Yao medicine day and night.

Combined with the successful experience of SARS Treatment in 2003, Professor Qin Xunyun has developed Yao medicine soup, oral spray and navel patch for fighting against novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19). As an ethic medical institution and a non-profit private hospital, Beijing Yao medicine hospital is not dispatched by the state, but Professor Qin Xunyun has repeatedly applied to the relevant government departments, reported the theory, pathogenesis and treatment plan of Yao medicine in treating COVID-19 with the competent department, and is willing to contribute the power of Yao medicine at the frontline.

On February 4, Professor Qin Xunyun and doctor Mo Changyu received the order to enter the COVID-19 ward in Beijing. In February 10th, among the 16 patients treated by Professor Qin Xunyun with Yao medicine, the effect of fever abatement is obvious and not repeated, the improvement of cough, sore throat, anorexia and fatigue is obvious, and the transformation from severe disease to critical disease is reduced, which shown that Yao medicine has good effect in the treatment of COVID-19.

The epidemic is sustained outbreak, as the outstanding effect of Yao medicine in COVID-19 ward, on February 14, Beijing Yao medicine hospital received a dispatch order to support a hospital in Wuhan. At 10:00 a.m. on February 15, 21 medical backbones of Beijing Yao medicine hospital made a vow in Beijing Yao medicine hospital. On that day, they arrived in Wuhan by high-speed rail and became the first national medical team to reach the front line.

Fighting against epidemic, we go together

In the process of Beijing Yao medicine fighting against epidemic, many caring enterprises and people extended their help to Beijing Yao medicine. They not only provided the first-line medical team in Wuhan with protection materials, drug supplies and living materials, but also provided active and warm assistance to Beijing Yao medicine hospital in epidemic prevention.

Special thanks: Beijing Jimei holding group, Beijing Great Wall Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Tianyi Technology Co., Ltd, Shandong Shijitong Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd, Alumni of School of Biomedical Engineering, Capital Medical University, Beijing Yajie classic household products Co., Ltd.

Unite as one to fight against epidemic
Love delivery, free anti epidemic medicine

With the COVID-19 becoming increasingly severe, Beijing Yao medical hospital distributes the independently developed decoction and spray free of charge to the people in the surroundingcommunities, and contributes the responsibilities of Beijing Yao medicine on the front-line of prevention and control. At the same time, the Yao medical team in Wuhan also provided spray to Jianghan culture and Tourism Bureau, Wuhan Railway Bureau and 800 medical staff supporting Wuhan hospital for protection.

Yao medicine combined boxing treatment has made great achievements in Wuhan ward

The Yao medicine doctors in Beijing have come to the most serious hospitals in Wuhan, among which are the most dangerous, serious and urgent patients. Many patients are intubated, the patient who is a little more sober should eats and shits in bed, they can't get up at all. Yao medicine thinks that the pathogenesis of novel coronavirus (2019-nCov) is poison, stasis, heat and dampness, the same disease should be treated with different methods and homotherapy for heteropathy. Professor Qin Xunyun should first analyze the etiology, pathology and pathogenesis of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCov). Patients of different ages and different basic diseases should be treated with different methods, so the unified anti-inflammatory and antiviral treatment mode cannot be used universally.

Yao medicine decoction, spray, patch, enema, acupuncture and other combination treatment have achieved a phased victory in treating patients with COVID-19.

The first patient treated by Beijing Yao medical team was discharged on February 21. By March 15, they had helped more than 150 COVID-2019 patients recover and leave the hospital.

There is a kind of honor called joining the party on the firing line

On the afternoon of February 29, a special long-distance video recruiting Party members Congress was held between Beijing Yao medicine hospital and Wuhan Yao medical team. Yang Hongwei, deputy director of organization and personnel department of Fengtai Science and Technology Park, read out the review opinions on behalf of the Party committee of Fengtai non-public enterprise of Beijing Zhongguancun Science Park: Beijing Yao medicine hospital recommended Yang Tong and Yu Wei as the first-line developing objects of anti-epidemic, which in line with the relevant documents, please do the relative work of receiving the preparatory party members according to the relevant requirements of the first-line developing Party members.

Short hair blurs gender, but not your heroic attribute

Although a little loss, my hair can be longer after being cut, the first problem is to protect myself and try my best to save more people, "said Yu Wei, a warrior at Beijing Yao medicine hospital. Cutting long hair can reduce the risk of infection, but also avoid sweating and bacteria. The medical staff who enter the isolation area should wear protective clothing every day, and it is convenient to wear and take off the isolation clothing with short hair and take better care of the patients.

Beautiful youth, you cut the long hair off and put on "combat uniform", fight at the forefront of epidemic prevention and control to keep our safe with your youth. Let's pay tribute to every medical team member who helps Hubei!

21 heroes fighting against epidemic from Beijing Yao medicine hospital

Hubei is in an emergency when the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) attacked, 21 medical workers from Beijing Yao medicine hospital left home without fear of life-death misfortunes. They are regardless of pay, overcome their fear and fight against 2019-nCoV. What you bring are the spirit of Qin's Yao medicine and the strength of Beijing Yao medical workers. Although thousands of people are in the united protective clothing, each of you is the most important one and the excellent children of Yao medicine, Yao medicine will remember your face and your name.

The story of Yao medicine fighting against epidemic was reported by the media one after another

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was again faced with the 2020's new treatment of 31 cases of SARS in 2003 after being widely reported by Yao's medicine in. Many media have given more expectation and attention to Yao medicine.

Epidemic situation is order, prevention and control is responsibility
Beijing Yao medicine hospital

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