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Beijing Yao Medicine Hospital, located in Fengtai Science Park, Beijing, was found on November 28, 2010, with a construction area of 13,913.64 m2. The hospital has Departments of General Practice/Internal Medicine/Surgery/Stomatology/Clinical Laboratory; Division of Clinical Osology and Hematology; Division of Clinical Microbiology; Division of Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory; Division of Clinical Immunology and Serology; Division of Clinical Molecular Cytogenetics, Medical Imaging Department, and Division of Radiography; Division of Computed Tomography; Division of Ultrasonography; Division of Electrocardiography; Department of TCM; and Department of Ethnomedicine (Yao medicine: Divisions of Internal Medicine, Dermatology, Oncology, Rehabilitation Medicine, Gynecology, and Immunology). Each department has consulting doctors with rich clinical experience, creating a cozy and comfortable diagnosing and treating environment for patients, where patients are diagnosed and treated in a cozy setting and experience health and wellbeing in a comfortable setting.

Beijing Yao Medicine Hospital is a designated medical institution of basic health insurance in Beijing. In Beijing, Medicare patients do not need to go through the formalities of choice of a designated medical institution, but real time settlement can be achieved if you hold your Medicare cards; also, the hospital has opened cross-provincial settlement, so all patients coming from all over the country enjoy Medicare reimbursement according to local policy. With excellent professionals, advanced medical equipment, scientific hospital management, cozy medical environment, and humanized care and attention, we hope every patient will benefit from seeking medical advice.