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Dear leaders, colleagues and friends: In the past few months, our country has suffered from the severe infection of SARS, which is very dangerous. SARS is a brand new disease, unprecedented in the 20th century. All kinds of medicine are confronted with new problems, be it traditional Chinese medicine, ethnic medicine or western medicine. SARS is rapidly endangering human beings in more than 30 countries. Just over a few months after its emergence, it has killed hundreds of people, sickened thousands of people, alarmed millions of people and greatly threatened people's lives and health. It is under the correct leadership of the party and the government that this sudden epidemic has been effectively controlled. We can believe that we will win the battle against SARS soon.

I am a not so famous doctor, but I have the honor to stand on the front line of anti SARS in Beijing as a medical staff in this anti SARS campaign and personally visit several hospitals in Beijing to diagnose and treat patients. This is an unforgettable experience for me. It deeply impressed me spiritually and emotionally, and was also a test of my technical experience.

In the summer of 1998, a merciless flood hit Daqing, a beautiful oil city in the north of China. After learning about the disaster, Dekun Yao medicine quickly sets up a Yao medicine emergency medical team to treat the wounded and the sick for the army and the people in Songhua River and Nenjiang River. During the flood fighting period, Yao medicine donated money to the disaster area and also donated epidemic prevention equipment and medicine materials to the Daqing municipal government.

The Yao medical team led by Professor Qin Xunyun walked across the water to deliver medicine to the people in the disaster area

During the flood in Songnen Plain, the medical team of Dekun Yao medicine provided free diagnosis and medicine for the people in the disaster area

Professor Qin Xunyun and medical staff rescue the injured in the front line of the earthquake

Professor Qin Xunyun and his team diagnosed and treated front-line flood fighters

In 2002, Dekun Yao medicine donated 100,000 yuan to build Yao medical hospital in his hometown, 100,000 yuan to build a library in Jinxiu county middle school, 100,000 yuan to Heilongjiang University of traditional Chinese medicine to help poor students complete their studies, and more than 300,000 yuan to the education and medical undertakings in his hometown.

Professor Qin Xunyun donated 100,000 yuan to set up Yao medical hospital in order to improve the medical conditions in his hometown

In 2002, Professor Qin Xunyun donated 100,000 yuan to poor students

In the spring of 2003, after the outbreak of SARS in China, a deadly struggle related to the common destiny of mankind began immediately. Professor Qin Xunyun, a Yao doctor of Dekun, stood up and took the initiative to enter the main battlefield of diagnosis and treatment of SARS. He quickly sorted out and improved the methods of diagnosis and treatment of "epidemic eruption " and "thermal miasma", and developed two prescriptions for prevention and treatment of SARS to donate to the country free of charge. At the same time, he donated ambulances and a large number of drugs, which was widely praised by relevant leaders and all sectors of society

Professor Qin Xunyun diagnosed and treated SARS patients

Professor Qin Xunyun diagnosed and treated SARS patients

Yao medicine treatment of SARS has won the trust of the majority of patients The curative effect of diagnosis and treatment of SARS by Yao medicine has won the trust of the majority of patients.

Professor Qin Xunyun attended the summary and commendation conference of anti SARS work

From 1998 to 2003, with the support of leaders at all levels, Dekun Yao medicine organized five nationwide "Yao medicine and health poverty alleviation Tour" activities.In the poverty alleviation activities, Dekun Yao medical team went to the vast rural areas and remote mountainous areas to carry out free clinics for the poor and deliver medical assistance.

1、Cancer health education long march in China, large-scale travelling science popularization activities

2、In the winter of 2001, Dekun Yao Medicine carried out the poverty alleviation work in the rural areas of Tuquan County, Inner Mongolia

In October 2004, Dekun Yao medicine organized a large-scale science popularization activity of "China cancer health education long march ".This activity started on October 29, 2004, and ended in mid May 2005. There were 26 lectures, over 30,000 direct audiences, 18,000 direct patients and 150,000 free health education materials.

1、The departure ceremony of cancer health education long march in China

2、A lecture class on cancer health education was held in Daqing City, with no empty seats

In 2008, during the 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake, the medical team of Dekun Yao medicine entered the disaster area three times successively to rescue the wounded. It went tomore than ten towns in seven cities and counties, treated more than 30,000 patients, donated 5 ambulances, 1 million yuan and more than 1.7 million yuan of medicine.

1、Professor Qin Xunyun led the team and soldiers to rescue the victims

2、Dekun Yao medicine donates medical materials and medicines to the disaster area

Vehicle handover of Sichuan Traditional Chinese Medicine Bureau

Donation to Sichuan Traditional Chinese Medicine Bureau