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So far, tumors are one of the most serious diseases threatening human health and people's life. Signs and symptoms of “breast stone disease”, “liver stone disease”, and “steogenic sarcoma” in Yao medicine are identical to those of “breast neoplasms”, “liver neoplasms”, and “osteosarcoma” in Western medicine. Nowadays, at the sight of neoplasm or tumor, people carry a heavy burden inwardly, have a lot of pressure psychologically, feel mentally traumatized, bear endless pain physically, and experience financial difficulty. Therefore, they may die of these five kinds of pressure.

In Guangxi, Tan’s Yao medicine, as a major representative of Yao medicine in China, has accumulated plentiful methods for the diagnosis and treatment of tumors in Yao medicine. It is trusted by patients and has won a wide range of social praise.

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